Teddy Hodgdon

Not many times you get to meet a teen that excels in two areas of his life, but this kid is doing just that. Meet, Teddy Hodgdon, race car driver and after seeing his resume an all-around leader in the community. You couldn’t meet a nicer kid, but when that visor flips down it’s all about the racing as you will read.

You can find Teddy wheeling his bright and orange #28 family owned Legends Car on Friday nights at the Stafford Motor Speedway. In just a short time, Teddy has accomplished in his first couple of years racing what people do in their whole racing career.

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Teddy Hodgdon (Facebook)

In 2007 Teddy began his racing career when he borrowed the house kart from Wade Gagner (Wildthings Karts) and finished 5th in his very first race. From there it just skyrocketed for the youngster. In 2011 he claimed the Wild Thing Stafford Kart Championship as well as the Wildthings Karts Twin State Speedway Kart Championship. A year later Teddy was named a finalist in the “Always A Champion” sponsorship contest. So his career and his popularity was on the rise.

2015 was the breakout year that Teddy was looking for, he claimed the Connecticut State Legend Car Champion in the Young Lions Division, his drive ended him in 6th in the Nation Point Standings. Teddy just missed out winning both Championships at the Stafford Motor Speedway as well as well as Bethel Speedway, he eventually finished in the runner-up spot at both tracks.

Teddy Hodgdon (Facebook)

His popularity was quickly gaining at the Stafford Motor Speedway as he was named “The Most Popular Driver Award” at the season’s end. It wasn’t the award that had the fans buzzing around the speedway but it was Teddy winning the Legends Stock National Qualifiers Legend Race in Bethel, NY in August of last year. A race that Teddy lists as his greatest accomplishment in racing to date, but after seeing him race, I will be the first to say that this list of accomplishments will grow very quickly. His future, Teddy wants to be running and winning races in a top racing series, which his resume will support that he’s a proven winner.

Teddy’s biggest supporters come right from his family. Mom (Kathy), Dad (Ted) and his sister (Hannah). They have been with him stride for stride, watching him collect his 35 feature wins to date. This list will sure to grow.

Teddy and his Team led by his dad (Ted) have set up goals for the 2016 season, the forefront is to win the Legend Car Championship at the Stafford Motor Speedway. Which is in reach, after finishing in the runner-up in the standing last year, he sets poised to take that Championship by season’s end.

In the beginning, I mention Teddy and his standing in the community. In 2015 he was awarded the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) award. This award is based on community service, academic standing, and leadership in his community. This award shows just how he is off the track, an excellent prize for an outstanding youth.

Hodgdon is attending Danbury High School as a Freshman and already his plate is full, just not with just racing but the school as well. He enrolled in the “Early College Opportunity” (ECO). This program in associated with Pitney Bowes / New Oak that will earn him, as Associate IT, when he graduates from High School. If anybody is a Facebook junkie there was one pic of Teddy that really stood out in my eyes. Last year the team went to Anderson, SC to run the Nationals for the Legend cars and in this picture he (Teddy) had a laptop on his lap sitting in the back seat working on his school work’ so seeing he is excelling in school came to no surprise to me.

When Teddy has some off time, which looking at this schedule which is almost nil, you can find him cheering for his favorite football team the Dallas Cowboys or just keeping his reflexes up to par by doing IRacing.

This year’s assault in the Legends Car begins with Champion Spark Plugs, NessAutoCT.com, State Cutter, Jim’s Welding, Simpson’s Race Products and Murcorberweens gracing the panels of his 600 Engine Shop powered 34 Coupe Ford.

Helping out pit side this year besides his family (Ted, Kathy and Hannah) will be George Bessette Sr and Jr, Jim Anderson and Summer Chapman.

Teddy Hodgdon (Facebook)

So when you watching the Legend Cars run the Mini Mile at Stafford, be sure to check out the front of the field as I’m sure he’ll be battling for the lead, or even if your pit side stop by and tell them you saw this story at The Racing Times.

Check out his facebook page at Teddy Hodgdon Racing for more info or just to wish Teddy good luck in the upcoming season.

Be sure to check back throughout the season at The Racing Times to see season updates on Teddy and his quest to take down the Legend Car Championship at the Stafford Motor Speedway.

Teddy wanted to send out a special “Thank You” to Kyle Beattie Racing and Todd McCollum for their support.

NOTE: This year’s Legend Car National Event will be held at The Waterford Speedbowl, you’ll be able to see him run against the country’s best.

Story by Alan Piquette
Photo’s From Teddy Hodgdon Facebook Page