Sportsman Modified - Scott MacMichael
Scott MacMichael

Comparing Tom Cruise’s Character in “Days of Thunder” is the best way to describe this Newbury, NH driver Scott MacMichael. Both just flat out drive and get everything they could out of their car with no regrets. So when MacMichael was asked his goals for the upcoming season, it was no surprise his response was “Run as hard as we possibly can”.

MacMichael’s started his racing career in 2007 in a Pure Stock and from there he never could quit. Scott’s very first race he competed was at the Claremont Speedway in June/2007 and completed his first journey in 5th. Not bad for a driver giving him all lap after lap.

His determination behind the wheel started to show as he nailed his first Championship in 2010 in the Super Street Division. Followed up by being runner-up in the NASCAR State Rookie points, which Scott still list as one of his biggest achievements in his young racing career.

The following year 2013 Scott moved up a notch and there captured the 2013 Late Model Championship at his home track.  Scott battled week in and week out to accomplished this feat so saying this was his most memorial moment in racing, is an easy acknowledgment to Scott going back through his career.

Scott will be the first one to admit that they probably don’t have the best equipment around, but probably has the people helping him get his modified dialed each week at the “High Banks” of the Monadnock Speedway. So when Gary Knight and the “Modified Touring Series” announced their plans to run the Winchester 200 (Open Modified Show), Scott was one of the first to make the May 21st event a must stop on his 2016 schedule.

Throughout the years you watch and see drivers have special rituals before a race and MacMichael is no different. Well, it really has nothing to do with his car or the way you get into his car but it’s all about a grocery store. One the way to Monadnock each and every week, he has to stop in at Gomarlos, “It’s just something I do I guess when I head to Monadnock”, chuckled MacMichael.

Scott MacMichael Photo

When Scott is away from the track, auto racing is the farthest thing from his mind, his home life kicks in. You can find Scott boating or even wake-boarding but best of all spending time with his two-year-old son and his beautiful wife. To show you how his family values are going to his Facebook page (Scott MacMichael) and you won’t see one picture of his car or racing, it’s all about the family. So when we talked about where he wanted to be five years down the road, the beach was his answer. So you got both sides of Scott, the family side and then the driver side. The driver side is an easy one to see, just watch him flip his visor down and gets every and anything out of his car.

What’s interesting about Scott he’s one of those drivers that drives like his way over his head, but in reality is in full control of what he’s doing. A driver that hangs around and next thing you know is sitting in the runner-up spot or in the t

op five somewhere and makes a hard charge for the win. So again don’t be surprised to see MacMichael battle the big dogs in the world of Modifieds and maybe steal a win or make it very interesting.

Like I mentioned before Scott said that he may not have the best equipment around the has the crew and people to get it done. Heading his Team is Denis Harty (Crew Chief) along with crew members Nick and Keith Patnode, Brice Corrigan, Wayne Seaholm, Dave Knight and Steve Wilcox.

Coming into the 2016 season Scott has Raymond’s Repair power plant under the hood in his Spafco Chassis Chevrolet. Supporting his efforts this season is as follows Norm Smith Machine Shop, A.L. Johnsons Roofing Inc, Raymond’s Repair, Noise R US Fireworks and Andy’s Speed Shop.

You can catch up with Scott on Social Media at his Twitter Address @scottmacmike7 of his Facebook Page @Scott MacMichael.

So if you travel to the Monadnock Speedway for the racing events on Saturday Nights, keep an eye open for that Black and Orange #7 as it will probably be sneaking quietly towards the front.

Story by Alan Piquette
Photos provided by MacMichael’s Racing