Dylan Kopec
Dylan Kopec

What happens when your very own father started racing when he was in his twenties? Not only do you get hooked, but it turns into a family affair.

Meet Dylan Kopec, MA, modified driver from Palmer, MA. Dylan started off racing in Go-Karts and ended up taking eight Championships in various divisions in his early career. His big break came in 2013 as he took home eight wins and four top ten’s in the SK Lights Division at the Stafford Motor Speedway. For Kopec, this was his most Memorial Moment in his early career, you know when you run Stafford Motor Speedway, you run with the best week in and week out. So accomplishing eight wins in a season there, well let’s just say that an accomplishment of its own.

Kopec made his very first Mod Touring start in 2014 and had a very success season, he finished 13th in points and was runner-up in the “Rookie of the Year” competition at the end of the year. So overall it may not be a season worth talking about, but indeed it was a learning season for him.

2015, Kopec challenged the field in the Valenti Modified Racing Series and again his season was better than his last and as a team / driver that all you can hope for. His hard racing earned him a finish of 11th in points and this year produced seven top ten finishes, so after this season you can see that seat time and running a full series, his accomplishments behind the wheel is beginning to climb.

So after two successful and learning years, Kopec is looking forward to the 2016 season in hopes of bettering himself from the two previous years. His goal for the upcoming season is to finish strong in every race he competes in. So for him to mention he’s looking to secure his first Tour win in 2016 is not out of the question, while building his team throughout the season.

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How confident is Dylan for the start of the season, he commented that he wanted the fans to know that his team is coming back better than ever this year, and of course he wants to greet all his fans from Victory Lane in 2016? The latter is definitely not out of the question.

His long term goal is like anybody else’s, to run with the best in the business and that’s something that he wants to happen in the Modified Series. His dad Chris Kopec, had a solid career in the Modified Touring Series and Dylan expects the same for himself, why not his dad is guiding him and is there for knowledge as well. It’s a win-win situation for the Kopec Family.

Speaking about his Dad (Chris), Dylan wanted to thank a certain group of individuals that has helped him throughout his career. Todd Doulliard, Bruce Batcha. Michael Forcier, Cliff Nelson, Paul Schlesinger tops that list of shout outs. If you run down that list, it’s almost a who’s who in the Modified World.

Sponsorship on board of the Troyer Chassis / Bob Bruneau Power green #66 lists as following, Northeast Racecars & Parts, Ceric Fabrication, Kopec’s Auto and Truck Service, Hamm’s Welding, (The Blue Diamond) of Bruce Batcha, (The Gold Crown) of Cliff Nelson, Astronaut Pizza, Studio 10 Wraps, Design 29, Pioneer valley Indoor Karting, Hillbilly Racing, Waddell Communications and finally Schofield’s Trucking and Trailer Repair.

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Leading the team is his Dad (Chris) as Todd Doulliard, Paul Schlesinger, Mickey Krol and Michael Forcier round out the crew for his assault in the Valenti Modified Racing Series as well as The Tri-Track Open Modified Series. So his Team is in place for a championship run is in his sights.

Dylan did mention about some race day superstitions that he does follow, one being that he never wants to predict the outcome of the night and second, you won’t see him cleaning his car either the day of the race.

When Kopec isn’t behind the wheel of his potent modified you can find him snowboarding with friends and family and adventuring, and of course family time. But when race season is in full stride, of course, you’ll find him working and building cars. Being a Kopec cars are in your blood.

You can find Dylan on Social Media by going to his Facebook page @Kopec Motorsports and on Twitter @DylanKopec.

So the bottom line, Kopec know how to win championships which he showed us in his Go-Karting Career. Plus, he can win and is a proven winner in the SK Modifieds Lights by stringing out 8 wins at Stafford Motor Speedway and he’s shown improvement in his two years in the Touring Series. So if you see Kopec waving the checkered flag over his head in Victory Lane, it shouldn’t be a surprise. He was born to be there.

Story by Alan Piquette
Photos supplied by Kopec Motorsports.