Cassandra Cole

Westbrook, CT driver Cassandra Cole had a lot of firsts last year and this season she’s looking to build on that success. It all started at the age of nine in the Novice Division at the Silver City Quarter Midget Club, but what was different after that she took some time away from racing. It wasn’t until 2014 that Cole was back on the track, but now she was sporting a black and green Legend Car. But, the thing here was she didn’t get going till half way through the year and she still was able to capture “Rookie of the Year” honors at the Waterford Speedbowl, an award which was earned by Cole. The award was because of her 2-top five finishes along with 15 top ten finishes, giving her the honor of the award.

2015 saw her first full season behind the wheel of her #09 Legend Car. For, Cole this was a breakout year and many firsts for her that she needed to get that extra boost for the 2016 season. With New London-Waterford Speedbowl’s Opening night the target for Cole to start her season there was a quick change in those plans. The family drove down to NC and picked up her newly refreshed 600 Racing (engine) and returned to the shop this past Tuesday. It was then the Team lead by her father (Tim) and Crew Chief (Carsten Cole), Cassandra’s brother decided to get involved in the “Greatest Show in Spring” the Spring Sizzler at the Stafford Motor Speedway.

CC Race Team Photo

The momentum Cole is bringing into 2016 is like I mentioned a lot of firsts. Back in June of 2015, Cassandra not only took down her first podium finish on this night, but she took it with style by grabbing the checkered flag, earning her first career win in the Legend Car Division.  That win also made history at the race track, Cassandra was the first female (Legend Car) driver to win in that division.

Cassandra will be calling the New-London Waterford Speedway home for this season, with stops at the Stafford Motor Speedway and the Seekonk Speedway on Friday nights. Even though The Speedbowl is home, she enjoys running at the Seekonk Speedway, where last year Cole took down two heat wins in her first season there. Cole likes Seekonk, for which the car counts are high and running a heat, with the car count as it is at Seekonk is like running the feature at Stafford Motor Speedway. So Cassandra uses the track to her liking with the opportunity to be passing a car and working on her driving skills as well. Let’s just say she gets valuable seat time at Seekonk, and she’s looking to do the same at which track she is running throughout the 2016 season.

Her 2016 goals are basically simple, she wants to go out and win races and by doing that looks to improve her National Point standings. Cole finished 27th out of 389 drivers last season and that’s something she was to build on. So looking to grab a win at all three tracks (Stafford, Seekonk, and Waterford) is in her sights.

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Cassandra is gaining popularity as her high school’s newspaper (The Knight Times) did and story on Cassandra’s accomplishments as a driver. The passion was showing during her Senior pictures in school, which by the way had Cole wearing her fire suit. But for Cassandra the passion is not always behind the wheel, it’s meeting the fans at Stafford’s or The Speedbowl’s Pit Parties. Just talking about her passion for racing is what she loves to do with the fans, but the best part of the get together is seeing the kids smiles while they sit behind the wheel of her Legend Car. That to her is the most memorable moment for Cole.

Sponsors for the 2016 season that will grace her 34 Coupe Ford #09 will feature, Tri-State Glass Company, Downie’s Septic Excavation Inc, Pampered Pets Grooming Salon and Boutique, Honest John’s Used Cars, Interstate Batteries and her newest sponsor Westbrook Pizza.

CC Race Team Photo

You can catch up with CC Racing by visiting their website at CC RACING TEAM or their Facebook page @CC Racing.

With the positive attitude and her knowledge of the New London Waterford Speedbowl, Cole can make a huge impact during the National Event for the Legends, which will be hosted the shoreline oval this year.

So next time whether it’s a Pit Party or in the pits be sure to stop by and visit with Cassandra and talking about her passion, RACING.

Story by Alan Piquette
Photos credits  are from CC RACING TEAM Website