Andrew Quealy

What happens when you’re looking to channel your energy into something and you attend races as a baby? Meet, Plainville, CT Legends Driver Andrew Quealy. Quealy, who attended the Stafford Motor Speedway as a kid, and was a huge fan of the Legends Cars. So when Stafford brought back the Legends Cars, Quealy knew what he wanted to do.

“I fell in love with them and wanted to jump right in and drive,” commented Quealy. This past weekend Spring Sizzler Weekend) he did just that.

During the early months, Quealy went out and got himself a chassis that was produced by Jags Palmer and a power plant from Hank Scott, and he was off racing Legend Cars. The only thing Quealy knew about the cars is what he saw at the track, he never raced in anything before, he was greener than green going into his first event.

After his very first practice, Quealy just 19 years old described his very first laps in his life, “First time wasn’t bad we made some changes the first couple practices and went out for the feature and the car was awesome it felt great.” Mentioned Quealy. The crew lead by family members, Kim, Billy and Kayla Quealy as well as Alan Bisson and Gage Gagnon. The team was able to find a median for their driver, and he was off.

Andrew Quealy Photo

His very first race, Quealy finished 7th overall in the feature and most importantly brought home the car in one piece. So after letting it soak in for a day, I asked him what was his memorable moment, the first time behind the wheel? The first time at speed? His response was, “I finished 7th in my first race at Stafford Motor Speedway.” I’m sure this is going to change each and every week as he progresses throughout the season.

Up next we discussed what he was going to set up for goals for the season, his responds were a very realistic one, “I’m going to get as many top ten finishes as possible, maybe even a top five”. But the response that he gave next, shows that he even knows he has a lot to go.” I just have to learn the car, that’s the thing.” So many drivers’ come into a series and tries to do things they might not be ready for, but Quealy knows what he needs to do to get better.

The long-term goal, say in five years, Quealy explained that at that point he would want to accomplish to have a few victories at that point and he’s not ruling out even winning a championship either.

Telling you just how new he and his family is in the racing world, his sponsor Central Connecticut Tire supplies him with space for his car to be worked on away from the track, and Home Team Supply for lettering his sharp blue #44 Ford Sedan.

His biggest THANKS coming to his first start was his family, especially Kayla for helping him get strapped in. His also commented on the setups that Alan Bisson, tried until he found one that Quealy liked. But of course, every driver has a special group of people that helps out and basically made it happen for him, his family, Mom, and Dad for getting him to where he is today, RACING!

Quealy when not at the track or at the garage, you can find him building houses as well as renovation work. His leisure time, which suddenly will be filled with racing, he enjoys camping and of course hanging with his friends and family time.

One thing we had to talk about with was the “Nationals” being held this year at “The Speedbowl” was did he have any attentions of trying to run that weekend? “No, I just want to get used to the car, I won’t be ready for that yet.” Responded Quealy to the question. Which he knows, he’s not going to finish seventh every week, but as drivers know seat time is so important.

Andrew Quealy Photo

Gracing the panels for his maiden season are All Weather Home Improvement, Central Connecticut Tire, and Home Team Supply.

If you want to learn more or even have a question for Quealy you can find him on Social Media. Look him up on Facebook @Andrew Quealy.

So next time your pit side stop by Drew Q Motorsports Team and talk some racing.

By Alan Piquette

Photos provided by Andrew Quealy.